title: Sharing Epiphanies
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subtitle: About the Author
photograph of Ann Jauregui
Photo by Jane Gray
Ann Jauregui, Ph.D.
Ann Jauregui has been a practicing psychotherapist, consultant and teacher for the past 25 years. She is the cofounder of Vine Street, a multidisciplinary center for the healing arts in Berkeley, California, and she is Adjunct Professor of the The Wright Institute, Berkeley. Her essays have appeared in Common Boundary, Dulwich Centre Newsletter, Institute of Noetic Sciences Review and The Chrysalis Reader.

Dr. Jauregui and her husband, John, a primary care physician who shares her interest in an inclusive approach to wellness, boast eight children and thirteen grandchildren. The family spends quiet and not-so-quiet time in northern New Mexico and the Sierra.

“An epiphany is supported by almost nothing on the street,” Jauregui says, in response to a question about how she came to write Epiphanies, “and so we hide these stories away, even from ourselves. Meanwhile frontier science is contemplating new realms of physics and human consciousness, and it is contemplating these realms with expressions of astonishment, humility, and awe. It is my hope that this new poetry, along with the aha! moments we've been having all along, can persuade us to believe ourselves better, rescue our most healing stories, and share them with each other. ‘Look at this!’ we say. ‘Look with me!’ And together we are changed. And so is the world.”

photo of Ann Jauregui in front of the San Francisco Bay